Current Affairs.

Ha, i’m not actually going to talk about news and stuff, just my life. LOLCAKES

Anyway, sorry i haven’t posted in a while, if you read that is. I’ve been busy being a student and going out, and writing on the randomprodinc website. Go check it out, it’s the balls ūüėõ Anyway, that leads me to the exciting point. The website has really taken off in the last week since launch, so things are looking up. Any support from you guys is always appreciated, so hit up the link above and enjoy.

Now, musically, i have found myself in a very good position. My friend Jess gave me her old guitar recently, and i have been able to practice in my room a bit, so i’ve been getting slightly better. This means that my EP can actually sort of start. One issue at the moment is drums, but i might be able to get in the Uni studio at some point and record there. Good times, keep an eye out for that, it’s for a good cause.

On top of playing music, i’ve been buying a little bit more music recently, which has been broadening my horizons to a scale that i’m just buying an album on the off chance it’s good. It’s pretty exciting, and so far only one album hasn’t been up to par. So, i’m happy with that. Also, there is this wicked tune that i’m really excited for. Check out the 30 preview for it, let me know what you think and give them some love here and here.

That’s my life at the moment. I have of course missed out all the crummy bits, who wants to read about those right? Exactly. See you guys soon.

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My Week #2

Yeah, so i might be late posting again, but not too late! So it’s all ok. Anyway, on with the matter in hand.

On monday right, i had an asthma clinic appointment and the nurse said everything was fine. So now i can get more inhalers again! BRRRAAP! The thing is, i only ever use them when i’m at home in Beastleigh. Something weird happened on monday too. I got a phone call from a representative of the Palm PR crew telling me they hadn’t received the phone i sent back on friday last week. I looked for it when i got back to portsmouth, but nothing was there.

So on tuesday, i let them know and gave them all the details i had about how i had sent it and stuff like that, and i didn’t hear back from them, and still haven’t. However, because of this, i was more stressed than usual about the stats exam i had that day. Like seriously, have you guys ever taken a stats exam at degree level? It’s ridiculous. I really didn’t enjoy it. Also, to top that tuesday off, i had a meeting with my mentor for the first time, to which they were 25 minutes late or so, and then they suggested i sek counselling. Crazy times.

Wednesday was a little break, kinda. I had a computer training session at 2, but before that i signed a contract for a house for next year. That’s right, i have a place to live next year. Mental times. And then, i found the best earphones ever and they were only ¬£9.99!! Skull Candy ones, and they match my iPod, but that was actually an accident.

Thursday was a day. Like, a memorable one for all the wrong reasons i guess. I had an exam in the morning, and if you follow me on twitter then you will know that my lecturer went “Omnomnomnomnom” at me because i only got 25% on the test. He didn’t seem too concerned though. After this, i cooked some food and “prepared” for my next exam. That’s right, i played pokemon. After my second exam, i went to tesco and i finally asked tesco girl out. Sadly, she said no, but it’s alright, it was more the principle of asking for me anyway. I’m a wuss normally so, it was worth it.

Friday was AWESOME!!! I got my MacBook Pro, and a load of other stuff with it like a scanner and printer, the M-Box Pro 2 and loads of other cool stuff. And while i was setting it all up, i had to go to a computer training session, which was so boring. After that, i continued setting up my Mac, and then went out for a comedy night at Highlight down in Gunwarf Quays. It was pretty good.

Saturday i pretty much just played Left 4 Dead and tried to edit a video, but for some reason, the audio went really funny, so i’m going to try again tomorrow after my lecture. I then went out in the evening, though that was pretty boring. Also, i bought a USB MIDI keyboard controller for my Mac, and managed to get a pretty sweet deal on that. They took off a good ¬£40, so i was happy.

Today i started using Logic Studio with my keyboard and stuff. Turns out i’m a little out of practice and i really need to get back in to it before i start making good music again. But as soon as i get good again, i’ll be uploading it all everywhere. And now, i’m just listening to the new Chase & Status album, No More Idol. Just a little spoiler here: It is freakin’ awesome!

Speak to you guys next week, and i’ll try and have some pictures too.

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My week #1

Ok then, it’s Sunday and i have actually remembered to post today! I’m a genius you see! Anyway, onto what has happened this week.

Not a lot happened on monday, I had an exam which i was half prepared for and destroyed something, i’m sure of it. Oh yeah, i almost forgot, me and my mates found a house for next year, which was pretty sick too! Then on Tuesday, i don’t recall anything¬†particularly¬†fun happening, in fact, that may have been the most dull day. Wednesday was awesome because not only did i pay the holding fee for my house, but that’s when the 3DS was officially given a release date, well, at least in my world. So I phoned my mum, we talked about stuff, and then my birthday cropped up, so i was like, i want one for my birthday, but i’ll try and get the price down. That was that conversation and then on Thursday i had an exam which involved using a program known as Matlab. I have never used this program before and it reflected in the test, which i found impossible. Luckily for me though, the server was all messed up so we all get a free re-take on thursday this week coming. Also, i traded in a shed load of games to get money off the 3DS come launch and pre-ordered it so i knew i would get one. Friday came, and that’s when i made the decision. Yup, that’s right guys, i sold my xbox. Crazy you may say, but worth it. Since selling it i have done more productive things like tidied my room and i’ve written a few songs as well!

I’m really not looking forward to this next week. It’s going to be awful. I’m so busy and it starts almost straight away Monday morning. Almost non-stop till the end of the week, well, Friday anyway. But that’s going to be a good day because i get my MacBook Pro. And then i can finally record all the songs i have locked up in my head. Free up some space for something else. Anyway, you’ll get a post next week.

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Right, hi guys, i may be 2 days late with it, but at least i’m writing it. Anyway, onto life!! ¬†Right, so we are smack bang in the middle of exam season, and i have 5 whole exams left. It’s crazy! I don’t like it one bit. So far i have decided i’m never going to understand matrices and that vectors are the easiest aspect of maths ever. Just to top this exam season off though, i get my MacBook Pro. I can’t wait, so flippin’ excited. It’s going to be wicked sweet!

Anyway, i went out saturday and something crossed my mind. What does one do when they want to ask a girl out that they haven’t actually met? Well, not that they haven’t met, but only sees like a little while at a time because they work at a local supermarket. It’s crazyness. What am i supposed to do about that? And then this guy came over to us and just started talking to my friend Lauren and it all kicked off. Awesome, kinda. Maybe i should do that.

This was my thoughts for this week or last week as it were. Anyway, ciao for now!

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The first week of the year.

Oh right, so i just read on the home page or whatever it’s called these days about posting once a day or once a week. I don’t think anything interesting happens so i’m going for once a week, that way i increase the chances of having something interesting happen. You know?

Statistically speaking, i have increased the chances significantly. But that doesn’t always mean something awesome is going to happen. So, i might end up talking a load of rubbish, but it’ll be good to do this i reckon.

Anyway, as it is the 4th, i will talk about the last few days, in which pretty much nothing has happened. What a surprise! Oh wells. I have been having some interesting dreams with some odd celebrity cameos in though. For instance, Fearne Cotton featured in a dream the other day where i was having a party, but i had to send her home as she didn’t abide by the rules i had set for the party. Weird, interesting, psychotic. No idea which to go with, but it happened.

From here on in, i will try and post at the end of the week, or something. Try and get one post a week here, and i’ll try and do a video on the youtubes as well. I’ll be sure to keep you posted though, well, you’ll actually see it, let’s be honest.

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Harry Potter and Family guy

So, I have been super ill the last few days. I went and saw my family on Sunday, spent all day there, came home and played some halo, and then went to bed. All of a sudden, I wake up at like 3, feeling so ill it is unreal. I then sleep all Monday and still feel rough as by Tuesday. Then on Tuesday I watch all the Harry Potter films that are on DVD. That sure was epic. I still didn’t feel that great and had a massive headache. Wednesday I made it downstairs but after tea felt like I was gonna be all ill again. I also played Halo reach with my brother on all the cool new horse maps that rooster teeth have been putting up from members of the community. As I did today. Also, I have been watching a shed load of family guy too, including the new star wars episode. It is super funny by the way. Anyway, ciao.


(This was supposed to go up a little while a go. It might have already gone up and i’m going crazy, but here it is again.)

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24 hours

So, if you follow me on twitter, which i’m going to assume you all do, i have been up for 24 hours now. It’s nothing special, but i kinda want to make it something worth doing. I’ll start from the beginning.

I woke up feeling super rough. Had a really blocked up face, and stupidly painful cough. So i thought the only cure to which would be a fry-up and some scrubs. And that’s what i did, until about 5. Then I played Black Ops, which was pretty eventful and managed to bump into loads of my friends in random games. Then i went to get milk and cereal, which i really really needed. I then came back, and to be honest, it’s all a bit of a blur up until about midnight where started sorting out my music. And now it’s monday!

It started with 3 hours of music sorting, and then i decided i’d go to bed, but foolishly, i’d had about 3 cups of tea prior to that thought, and for some reason i was wired when i tried to get to sleep. After about an hour, i got the F1 game out, and played that until half 7, when i decided i needed something a bit more fast paced. After playing Dirt for a while, i got ready for my lectures and bumped into one of my flatmates in the kitchen and we had breakfast. I must admit, it was quite odd seeing him up at that time, but i’m not complaining. I then had to endure 3 hours of mathematics lectures, which i must admit are intense if you have slept, let alone when you’ve had none. Like, WOW!

Well, that brings me to now. I know it’s not been the most exciting thing ever, but if you can think of something i can do to make the next hours of being awake more eventful, shoot me a tweet @dan_vivian. Or even better, leave a comment. See you all on the flipside

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