So, if you follow me on twitter, you’ll know that I have spilt a lot of gravy recently. Not an issue? It’s a huge issue. Gravy doesn’t grow on trees, nor does it mop up well. Jerks at bisto, make it moppable!

Anyway, Last week I was gonna hang out with a friend, but they failed to tell me they were busy with other things until I sent them a text. I hate people bailing and not saying anything. I don’t like people bailing and telling me with good time either, but the other scenario is far more annoying. You know what I mean, it’s totally not cool. Anyway, I’ve gotta get back to my 54 hour week at work. I wouldn’t normally moan about it, but it’s been so hot and people are very unappreciative of the work i do!

P.S. I got my follow up appointment at the hospital next week, and people at work moaned because I might be late in. Jerks, I could be dying! I doubt it though, they would have phoned ages a go if I was, well, at least I’d hope they would!!!


About danvivian

Hey there, I'm Dan Vivian. I currently study Maths at the University of Portsmouth and am finding it to be quite enjoyable. I have a huge interest in gaming and technology. I wish to one day write for an official website or magazine about technology and gaming.
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