The cycle

When I get stressed out, I want to buy things. The only issue is, at the moment, spending money is stressing me out because I don’t have a lot of money. And this is where the cycle begins.

Being ill at the moment doesn’t help either because it means less time at work and more time at home, thus more time to spend less money. It’s starting to hack me right off.

I think what I’m gonna do is take all my card details off websites that I use and try and forget my card number. Yeah, I think that might be an issue actually. Forgetting something that didn’t take long to remember. I know all 12 digits on my card, the expiration date, the 3 numbers on the back and what colour it is, and have since day 1!

I am gonna try and stop spending money. This is a promise to you but mainly to me. I need it more than anything right now. Keep up to date by following me on twitter, not that a lot of people read this anyway, but you can find me @dan_vivian. Have a goody.


About danvivian

Hey there, I'm Dan Vivian. I currently study Maths at the University of Portsmouth and am finding it to be quite enjoyable. I have a huge interest in gaming and technology. I wish to one day write for an official website or magazine about technology and gaming.
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