The main thing

One thing I have learnt about hospitals is that there are two types of staff, and only two. The ones who care and the ones who don’t. They are both pretty much the same in terms of skill, but because of the two attitude types, you can feel very different under their care. Some of the nurses here are really friendly and trustworthy where some are just there. Clearly, I prefer the caring ones. But with either you are perfectly safe.

In other news, some of the student nurses and stuff are super awesome too. I had a blood test this morning and they were like “you’ll feel a sharp scratch” but there was nothing. It was incredibly dull. Oh well, my lunch has arrived. I don’t get to leave until Thursday but I guess it is for the best and it means I’ll get some time on my PSP when it gets brought in today. That’ll be fun. Much better than doing nothing 🙂


About danvivian

Hey there, I'm Dan Vivian. I currently study Maths at the University of Portsmouth and am finding it to be quite enjoyable. I have a huge interest in gaming and technology. I wish to one day write for an official website or magazine about technology and gaming.
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