24 hours

So, if you follow me on twitter, which i’m going to assume you all do, i have been up for 24 hours now. It’s nothing special, but i kinda want to make it something worth doing. I’ll start from the beginning.

I woke up feeling super rough. Had a really blocked up face, and stupidly painful cough. So i thought the only cure to which would be a fry-up and some scrubs. And that’s what i did, until about 5. Then I played Black Ops, which was pretty eventful and managed to bump into loads of my friends in random games. Then i went to get milk and cereal, which i really really needed. I then came back, and to be honest, it’s all a bit of a blur up until about midnight where started sorting out my music. And now it’s monday!

It started with 3 hours of music sorting, and then i decided i’d go to bed, but foolishly, i’d had about 3 cups of tea prior to that thought, and for some reason i was wired when i tried to get to sleep. After about an hour, i got the F1 game out, and played that until half 7, when i decided i needed something a bit more fast paced. After playing Dirt for a while, i got ready for my lectures and bumped into one of my flatmates in the kitchen and we had breakfast. I must admit, it was quite odd seeing him up at that time, but i’m not complaining. I then had to endure 3 hours of mathematics lectures, which i must admit are intense if you have slept, let alone when you’ve had none. Like, WOW!

Well, that brings me to now. I know it’s not been the most exciting thing ever, but if you can think of something i can do to make the next hours of being awake more eventful, shoot me a tweet @dan_vivian. Or even better, leave a comment. See you all on the flipside


About danvivian

Hey there, I'm Dan Vivian. I currently study Maths at the University of Portsmouth and am finding it to be quite enjoyable. I have a huge interest in gaming and technology. I wish to one day write for an official website or magazine about technology and gaming.
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