My Week #2

Yeah, so i might be late posting again, but not too late! So it’s all ok. Anyway, on with the matter in hand.

On monday right, i had an asthma clinic appointment and the nurse said everything was fine. So now i can get more inhalers again! BRRRAAP! The thing is, i only ever use them when i’m at home in Beastleigh. Something weird happened on monday too. I got a phone call from a representative of the Palm PR crew telling me they hadn’t received the phone i sent back on friday last week. I looked for it when i got back to portsmouth, but nothing was there.

So on tuesday, i let them know and gave them all the details i had about how i had sent it and stuff like that, and i didn’t hear back from them, and still haven’t. However, because of this, i was more stressed than usual about the stats exam i had that day. Like seriously, have you guys ever taken a stats exam at degree level? It’s ridiculous. I really didn’t enjoy it. Also, to top that tuesday off, i had a meeting with my mentor for the first time, to which they were 25 minutes late or so, and then they suggested i sek counselling. Crazy times.

Wednesday was a little break, kinda. I had a computer training session at 2, but before that i signed a contract for a house for next year. That’s right, i have a place to live next year. Mental times. And then, i found the best earphones ever and they were only £9.99!! Skull Candy ones, and they match my iPod, but that was actually an accident.

Thursday was a day. Like, a memorable one for all the wrong reasons i guess. I had an exam in the morning, and if you follow me on twitter then you will know that my lecturer went “Omnomnomnomnom” at me because i only got 25% on the test. He didn’t seem too concerned though. After this, i cooked some food and “prepared” for my next exam. That’s right, i played pokemon. After my second exam, i went to tesco and i finally asked tesco girl out. Sadly, she said no, but it’s alright, it was more the principle of asking for me anyway. I’m a wuss normally so, it was worth it.

Friday was AWESOME!!! I got my MacBook Pro, and a load of other stuff with it like a scanner and printer, the M-Box Pro 2 and loads of other cool stuff. And while i was setting it all up, i had to go to a computer training session, which was so boring. After that, i continued setting up my Mac, and then went out for a comedy night at Highlight down in Gunwarf Quays. It was pretty good.

Saturday i pretty much just played Left 4 Dead and tried to edit a video, but for some reason, the audio went really funny, so i’m going to try again tomorrow after my lecture. I then went out in the evening, though that was pretty boring. Also, i bought a USB MIDI keyboard controller for my Mac, and managed to get a pretty sweet deal on that. They took off a good £40, so i was happy.

Today i started using Logic Studio with my keyboard and stuff. Turns out i’m a little out of practice and i really need to get back in to it before i start making good music again. But as soon as i get good again, i’ll be uploading it all everywhere. And now, i’m just listening to the new Chase & Status album, No More Idol. Just a little spoiler here: It is freakin’ awesome!

Speak to you guys next week, and i’ll try and have some pictures too.


About danvivian

Hey there, I'm Dan Vivian. I currently study Maths at the University of Portsmouth and am finding it to be quite enjoyable. I have a huge interest in gaming and technology. I wish to one day write for an official website or magazine about technology and gaming.
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