Munchies: Part 2

So, i realised that last time i didn’t actually mention anything about having the munchies all the time, or even anything about food as far as i’m concerned. Anyway, this weekend i went home to see my family. It was nice, but i kinda got into the routine of living there again, even though i was only actually there for 2 nights. It was weird sleeping in my room again.

On friday i saw my friend who i like quite a bit, and i’m sure she knows this, but we are still just being friends at the moment. It works though, it’s not like i’m being a weirdo and getting all sad when nothing happens when we are alone together, and i like that. You know, it’s something that if something did happen, i wouldn’t mind, but i like where we are at right now, so i’m cool. Saturday was my mother’s birthday and that was pretty fun. We went to pizza hut and had a really nice meal, and we didn’t do anything all day. It was good. Today was going to see all my friends from church and coming back to portsmouth.

I don’t know if i should, but i have gotten into the habit of calling Portsmouth, Home. I feel it is though. A lot people here mean quite a lot to me, and i feel that if i keep calling fair oak home, i’ll never be able to detach myself from it. Oh, the munchies. Yeah, i’ve been having really weird cravings for about 2 – 3 weeks. Stuff as simple as pringles and cheese sandwiches all the way to Pineapple pasta and other weird creations. The only thing is, i’ve had no money to be able to fulfil these cravings. It’s upsetting.

So yeah, it’s been a pretty awesome weekend and i can’t wait until the next awesome weekend and i definitely can’t wait to see my friend again. That’ll be fun, especially when she comes to visit. We have loads of films we need to see together. Ciao for now!

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So, for some odd reason, wordpress won’t show any characters unless i highlight them all. This is bizarre, not being able to read what i’m writing, but it could be a good experiment. Right, so I’m in McDonald’s at the moment, trying to clear my head about the coursework i just handed in. I don’t think i have don’e that well, but then again, i could have stormed it. Who knows.

Anyway, I have a meeting with two people on tuesday at 11 to see about changing course next year. That’s right, i’m giving up mathematics for Music and Sound Technology. The main reason for the switch is that the maths course is far more boring than i thought it would be, and i’m finding that i’m not enjoying the content as much as i should be. Therefore, i wanna swap to something i will be passionate about, so i get the work done on time and to as high a standard as possible.

On top of all this, I have been feeling i’m not gonna make it anyway. You know how some people have a really firm grasp of the future and know where they are going? I want to be like that, but i just can’t be. I find it so hard to say “i’m going to be there in 10 years.”  Other people just seem to be able to do it. Mentals.

Anyway, my final thought i wanna put down today is how some people actually don’t understand other people. I’m not taking a dig but i am. If i say “when my door is closed knock and see if i want you to come in” i mean it. It doesn’t mean bang the door open and be annoying. Anyway, that’s me over for today.


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So, 2 weeks a go i moved out of my house in Beastleigh into halls in portsmouth for university. I was super scared that people wouldn’t like me. I mean, i can be a bit of a handful. Those that actually know me know that i can be a bit intense on the weird. Anyway, in the last 2 weeks i have managed to make some awesome friends, and i can’t wait for the rest of the year to unfold. One thing i have learnt however is that i shouldn’t get too drunk. I’ve had one really rough night because of it, and i don’t want to repeat that. That’s the reality folks.

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Reaching the heights

Sometimes it’s a good thing to put yourself out there, even if in return you get a kick in the crotch. Recently, I haven’t felt like i could do that though. I’ve been more and more held back by myself and keep very much alone. I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing, but I’m finding it hard to deal with people. I am moving out tomorrow and will have to put myself out there again, pretty much for the first time in three years. I am gonna have to sell myself so people know who I am and what I’m all about whilst staying likeable! It’s gonna be insane!!!! Seriously, the last time I had to meet new people on mass was college and that wasn’t exactly easy.

Just looking back at that though, I made one really good friend from college. He is the coolest guy I met at college and will definitely want to be his friend forever. And I made another good friend, though at times I feel our friendship isn’t as tight as it could be now, we were extremely close at one time. Almost inseparable and I love her to bits. Recently I have made a new friend over the internet and texting and xbox live and stuff. At sometimes she does give me a bit too much information about her life and I feel that I’m pretty closed off to her, but she is cool and I don’t see us falling apart any time soon.

Relationships. My view on them is probably the same as many other peoples. You just know when it’s the right person. Hopefully Uni holds that person for me, and I’m really excited to find her. But until then, I’m not gonna mope about, I’m gonna put myself out there. I’m gonna get kicked in the crotch sometimes, and other times I’m gonna feel like a child at Christmas who just got the coolest present ever (look up N64 kid on the youtubez and you’ll see what I mean). All I know, life is gonna be one hell of a time!!!

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The main thing

One thing I have learnt about hospitals is that there are two types of staff, and only two. The ones who care and the ones who don’t. They are both pretty much the same in terms of skill, but because of the two attitude types, you can feel very different under their care. Some of the nurses here are really friendly and trustworthy where some are just there. Clearly, I prefer the caring ones. But with either you are perfectly safe.

In other news, some of the student nurses and stuff are super awesome too. I had a blood test this morning and they were like “you’ll feel a sharp scratch” but there was nothing. It was incredibly dull. Oh well, my lunch has arrived. I don’t get to leave until Thursday but I guess it is for the best and it means I’ll get some time on my PSP when it gets brought in today. That’ll be fun. Much better than doing nothing 🙂

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The Uni Train

So, the Uni train is gonna start rolling soon. Well, I have like 4 weeks to make sure I have everything ready for moving out on the 18th. It’s gonna be quite interesting I think. Anyway, this got me to thinking about the work I’m gonna be doing there. Maths. I haven’t done much in the maths department since my last exam at college over a year a go :S This is quite worrying, but I’m sure I’ll be fine. They’ll have refresher classes, surely? I ruddy hope so.

One thing I am gonna miss at Uni is online gaming. I do that a lot in my spare time. It’s far more fun playing a game socially than by yourself. Even if the social activity is talking using a head set. So, if anyone can solve this problem for me, it’d be most greatly appreciated. Other than that, I’m pretty set for the old Uni train. A lot of stuff will have to wait until I am there to be taken care of, especially a job. I will need a weekend job at Uni. It’s a sad reality, but fundamental to my financial success for three years.

I will miss being at home though. My dogs can’t come with me, my rats can’t come with me and neither can my cat, not that I like my cat too much, but still. Gonna be a dull time. Is there anything you wish you’d had for your first year at Uni that you either forgot to take or weren’t allowed to?

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The cycle

When I get stressed out, I want to buy things. The only issue is, at the moment, spending money is stressing me out because I don’t have a lot of money. And this is where the cycle begins.

Being ill at the moment doesn’t help either because it means less time at work and more time at home, thus more time to spend less money. It’s starting to hack me right off.

I think what I’m gonna do is take all my card details off websites that I use and try and forget my card number. Yeah, I think that might be an issue actually. Forgetting something that didn’t take long to remember. I know all 12 digits on my card, the expiration date, the 3 numbers on the back and what colour it is, and have since day 1!

I am gonna try and stop spending money. This is a promise to you but mainly to me. I need it more than anything right now. Keep up to date by following me on twitter, not that a lot of people read this anyway, but you can find me @dan_vivian. Have a goody.

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